Wanted Blog and Form

Hello, now that I have slowly understood the concept and have also solved my first errors, I’m still looking for a few plugins.

A blog and a good plug-in for forms would be important to me.

I have already found the blog “djangocms_blog” but I got no further with urls.py.

Apparently I saw a different plugin in a demo. Because there you could also create an article when creating pages, I suspect that this is another plugin.

Does that mean anything to anyone?

What kind of forms do you suggest?

I would suggest to try more with djangocms-blog. I installed it and I get exactly the result that you want. When I click the create button, I get the options: New Page, New Subpage, New Blog Article.

Make sure that you have djangocms-blog installed correctly. You have to install the package via pip, then you have to add it in your settings file. Afterwards you have to run migrate for tables to be created accordingly and then you should be good to go.

How did urls.py give you trouble? I didn’t have to touch it in order to install the blog.

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Sorry I forgot to write something yesterday.

I have the blog up and running and was able to correct that with urls.py.

I saw it through another plugin that you can also enter this with path and that worked for the blog.

But thanks for your answer.

For forms so far I have just built model forms from Django in a new Django app and then integrated it into the CMS as an app hook, e. g. https://passivehouseconference.org/en/call-fo/submit-abstract/?edit&language=en I also intended to use a form builder, you might want to take a look at Django Packages, but these are just helpers to make a Django app that you have to integrate with an app hook, no ready to use plug-in.

Hello @csaeum
I can surely assist you with your requirement as I have expertise in Django CMS.

You can directly reach me on sk ype: cis.troy or troy at cisinlabs dot com