The official "Introduce yourself to the community" thread

Personal introduction thread

This thread gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the django CMS community. It also facilitates the search for help. Maybe someone is working on a topic and needs help from someone who has a specific skill set.

Introduction template (Please copy&paste):

My django CMS experience:
Programming language(s):
What I love about django CMS:

Name: Nicolai
Job: Growth & Community Manager of the django CMS Association
My django CMS experience: I have been working with django CMS for 4 months as content editor
Programming language(s): -
What I love about django CMS: The power of Copy&Paste :wink: Super easy to create a page in a few minutes

Name: Jens-Erik Weber
Job: Web developer at the Passive House Institute
My django CMS experience: Using and developing since November 2016
Programming language(s): Python, JavaScript, before also Java, never felt like getting used to PHP
What I love about django CMS: It’s easy to create a custom template and plugins
What I don’t like: Sometimes it breaks too easily, you don’t know why, and I felt being on my own. Hopefully this forum will change this.

I was on some Python conferences together with my colleagues: PyCon Web in Munich and DjangoCon Europe in Heidelberg and online (organised in Porto)

I have written some database apps in Django, we also wanted to use a Django based CMS. The first time I learned about Django CMS was a sticker on a bus station here in Darmstadt, but I guess I would have found it anyway in the Internet. Another option would have been Wagtail, and when things broke badly, and there’s no answer after writing in the Github issues or on the mailing list, and no updates to current Django version were available I thought: Maybe that would have been better, maybe bot. Anyway, now we are committed to Django CMS, and I hope that with the new Django CMS Foundation and this forum this project will get new energy.

Our institute runs many websites, so it takes time to switch. Our main website is still made with a very old version of Dreamweaver, but we also run some sites based on Django CMS:

For the templates and plugins I use mainly Fomantic-UI, a fork of the abandoned Semantic-UI. Apart from that I’ve also written a plugin for Flexslider (another one) and a map plugin with Leaflet . We have decided that we open to give these plugins to the open source community.

Enough for now. See you around here and maybe on real conferences, when they will be possible again!



Welcome to the community @Jens-Erik ! Very interesting read! Happy to have you on board! I’ve contacted you on Slack. Would love to tell you more about our django CMS Association :slightly_smiling_face: