Struggling to configure Django CMS on Ubuntu/Apache2/mod_wsgi/python 3.8/anaconda

Hi! I am new to the world of Django. I am trying to install and configure Django CMS in a cloud space. I followed the instruction and successfully installed it and ran it with the command “./ runserver”.
I am looking for guided instructions for me to be able to configure the website in Apache2 / mod_wsgi environment. Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @rajkis the simplest way is to deploy to however if you would like to deploy to a custom hosting setup then the best approach is following the django instructions

django CMS is just a django package, so if you get django up and running, you should be very close to a working django CMS setup.

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I have successfully configured it. The Django CMS is being served in Aapache2+mod_wsgi+Django 3.0+Django CMS 3.9 environment on Ubuntu 20.04 machine.
Thanks, @macolo for your response.