Slug uniqueness not checked

When page is moved, its slug uniqueness is not checked. Thus two pages with the same slug can be present on the same level

@Nicolai, I thought we planned to keep the bug reports on github and support in the support section?

Yes you are right. Mario and I did some rework on the workgroup list and then discovered this link and were curious why this entry still existed but was not viewable on the discourse frontpage :wink:

We then found out how to “undo” a deletion and kept it like that because…distraction!

In terms of bug reports: How about django CMS users (e.g. editors) who are not familiar with Github? I don’t think it is a bad idea two have this category as well. Only thing we need to have an eye on, is that bugs detected by devs are also in Github.


I definitely like the idea of supporting editors on the forum, since they probably get quite confused by just looking at “that github thing” :sweat_smile:

I thought we were going to use the #help-and-support section for it?

Yeah but why confusing them even more by not having a dedicated place for Bug reports? :upside_down_face:

But I am not super attached to the Bug report category. If you think it creates too much turmoil we can get rid of it. No problem from my side!

edit: It is actually not more confusing to not have the bug report category I just realized. People will flock to the support and help section anyways.