Question about django-cms for webradio

We would like to use django-cms for our web radio unfortunately we don’t know Python we work with azuracast maybe it would be possible to integrate the azuracast api with a module An example of how to request the azuracast api in php link Of course, if it updates itself, it would be better to fight back Desweiteren suchen wir einen Radio-Sendeplan mudul wo man Sendungen eintragen kann Does anyone want to do something there Sorry for my very poor English

Welcome to the Python / Django / Django CMS community!

Because the question relates to Python much more than to Django or Django CMS perhaps asking the Python community will give you more or better feedback, but short answer: Yes, that should be easily possible. AzuraCasts API looks quite simple, you can find a good documentation at

A good way to start API client development in Python is to have a look at the requests module, you can find a lot of good tutorials, eg.

In case you need further help, Reddits Python community or StackOverflow are a good start.

“Ein Sendeplan Modul” (cheers from Switzerland :smiley: ) sounds like a nice little package you can develop with Django itself, have a look at the Django Tutorial to get a first impression how to rapid develop database driven web applications at

Django CMS will provide you a CMS on top of Python and Django so you can build content pages around your more business specific apps.

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Hi Frank, this shouldn’t be a problem since django CMS is based on django and django has good support to integrate all kinds of APIs and custom application logic.