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Hi, since this is a new forum, maybe we can have a place to introduce ourselves. My name is John, and I’ve been using Django CMS as a blog since v3 (I recently switched to a different because of laziness). What impressed me most with DCMS was the editing workflow and the Bootstrap 3 support. I’m now starting a new project for a non-profit, and have picked DCMS. I’ll probably have to write at least one plugin, so I’ll probably be visiting these forums frequently.

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Hi John,

this is a great idea! Welcome to the dCA community! My name is Nicolai and I am the Growth & Community Manager of the django CMS Association. We are pleased that you like django CMS and that you have chosen it for your new project.

You are also invited to join our public Slack channel:

FYI: I have created a new thread with more information and pinned it.


Hi, James here (currently UK, wanting to move to the Netherlands later this decade), very new to Django and of course D’CMS, even just limited experience with Python… Working freelance for decades, I’ve had a lot of experience with Linux, Apache, PHP (for which I will burn in hell, and sometimes feels like I already am), systems admin, VMware/ESXi, hosting and networking and security and so on and so forth… the usual stuff :slight_smile:

I’ve thrown up WordPress sites for clients in the past, but was never happy about it – always looking for something better and did a lot of research, eventually it became clear that Django was a web framework I definitely wanted to get into, bonus for being written in Python, and finally in the middle of the Coronavirus epidemic, I’ve had the time and opportunity to spend a few weeks (on and off!) getting up to speed, doing some tests, and getting it running.

I’ll be using it as my first port of call, preferred approach, and recommended solution in the coming years, so am expecting some fair involvement. Happy days… :+1:

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Welcome to the community James! Glad you came across django CMS :blush:
In case you haven’t seen it, but we also have a very active Slack channel:

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