Join the django CMS Association!

Do you love django CMS as much as we do? Do you want to shape the future of django CMS and bring it to the next level? Do you enjoy hanging out with likeminded people and be part of a vivid community? Then join the non-profit django CMS Association and make a real difference in the development of django CMS.

What is our mission?

  • We innovate and lead: We define the long-term roadmap and strategy of its core development. We make sure that bugs and usability problems are fixed quickly. And most importantly: we always ensure the voice of the community is heard.
  • We foster contribution: We activate and inspire community members to contribute and maintain the ecosystem in which the CMS can continue to grow and flourish. It is important for us to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
  • We drive adoption: We get the word out about django CMS and increase visibility of the CMS in the market. We identify target audiences and drive awareness. We match potential django CMS clients and certified django CMS service providers.

How do we accomplish this mission?

Together with you, the django CMS community! We need everyone with a stake in django CMS to join forces. Only with your involvement will it be possible to drive django CMS forward.

Your membership benefits

  • Fund the development of django CMS
  • Participate in the General Assembly
  • Get voting rights and codecide the future of django CMS
  • Become part of a huge network
  • Profile listed in the member’s directory

How can you join the Association?

It’s quite simple. Choose one of our memberships and register via the sign up form. We will then contact you immediately and go through the next steps with you.