Installation Fail


i have a weird problem. I tried following many tutorials on how to install django-cms and all of them seem to work fine. Manually i sometimes even get to a point where i can see django cms landing page, but cant ever get to login to admin page. Problem is that i can hardly describe my situation as i tried to install it in so many ways that i dont even know where to begin anymore. I am using remote server with C panel. is there a person who might be able to log in to my account and just help me deploy django cms for a first time? I just need enough help so i can log in to admin site and start following tutorials online… Port 8000 is not blocked and also tried using different ports which never caused errors but also never got online…

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Please try to explain further why you can’t access the admin. If you have succesfully installed Django CMS to the point where you can go to the landing page, what happens when you add “?edit” to the url?


so i run the server on port lets say 50000 since this port has been confirmed by server support that is open. and than i try to access and there is nothing. i dont know how to give more details as i dont get any errors or anything only admin page is not there …
this is the domain.
visiting this domain i get python page …
It works!

Python 3.7.10

$ python runserver 50000
Watching for file changes with StatReloader
Performing system checks…

System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
May 31, 2021 - 18:59:43
Django version 3.1.10, using settings ‘project.settings’
Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

and visiting should access admin page but there is nothing page not found…

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.


  • Checking the connection
  • [Checking the proxy and the firewall]
  • [Running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors())


does this help in any way?

You should never run the runserver command on your live installation. The runserver command is only for working with your django installation on your home machine where you develop your code. If you want to run Django CMS on a server, you will need to deploy it on that server.
If you’re running Django CMS with Django 3.2 you can check your deployment options here:

yes Django CMS has been deployed to remote hosting server. and i imagine it is same as deploying it locally? locally i dont have static ip so thats why i want to use remote host… isnt it ment to be used for hosted web pages!?

i simply dont develop my code at home but on remote server. i dont think that should make any difference what so ever. if installation of Django CMS goes without errors and it starts the server on port 50000 i should be able to reach admin page. remote or local it should work the same. am i not correct?

No, those two things are not the same. What you are using is this:

This development server is explicitly not intended for live deployment. It will leave your server vulnerable to attacks.

On a live server, you have to do it differently. If you don’t have any need for customizing your Django CMS installation, you can install Django and Django CMS on your live server. Then you can start adding content with the user interface.
If you want to customize the installation though, you will need to work on template files, settings files or even write your own plugins. I don’t recommend doing that kind of development on a live server unless you are an expert on Django and Django CMS with lots of experience. During delevopment you want to turn off Debug Mode in Django’s settings so that it gives you comprehensible error messages. That is something, you don’t really want other people to see though.
But either way, first you have to properly deploy Django and Django CMS on your server.

yes exactly first i need to successfully deploy Django and Django CMS. i tried deploying it in like 10 different ways i could find tutorials online and on youtube but always similar results… is there step by step tutorial you would have me follow? i understand that security wise it might not be smartest thing to do and play on a remote server but this is my personal test page so there wont be no real data… and once i learn enogh i can always fix the issues… but i am really having a ruff start where i follow all the steps from tutorials and than at the point where i should just visit the admin page and log in and start working on my page i never get to it…

What type of server are you running?