How to integrate a Vue.js app in django CMS

I want to display data from another Django project that uses another database than the django CMS project, but is on the same VM. The approach I want to try now is to integrate a Vue.js SPA. It took some time, but finally I managed to create an app with vue-cli, using Apollo for connecting to the GraphQL API of the database server which uses graphene-django.

vue-cli uses Webpack, and so I get a bundle of files that work well together when they are used together as webpack creates them: an index.html, a css and js folder with minified files and maybe pictures . So putting them into a static folder and then calling its URL works fine.

But I want to integrate it into the CMS as a web hook or plug-in. Using an iframe is not really an option, then I wouldn’t need the API approach at all. So I need to use index html as a template, but then it doesn’t find the other files, mainly css and js. Using a <base> tag would be an idea, but this would also affect the files that are needed to display the css, js, pictures of the base template.

Do you have an ideas how to tackle this problem or have you already done something similar?