Getting Started (I'm a dev but new to Python, to Django, DjangCMS, etc.)

Having thrown together WordPress sites in the past, I’ve always wanted to move to Python and DjangoCMS seemed the best option.

Getting all that going on my very familiar Apache server(s) which I’ve been looking after for years, is not completely trivial for the first time.

I’m still figuring it all out, but am building up a few notes on the key steps – it would have helped me enormously to have such a “cheat sheet”, so figured I would share mine when finished.

Is this a good place to post such an outline, albeit only very brief notes?


I would definitely appreciate something like that.

You’¶e right, it’s not as trivial as unpacking a PHP programme on the server and running the installation script, but Django has a quite good documentation of deploying Dajngo projects, also on Apache httpd.

Anyway, mentioning that process also on the Django CMS documentation is a good idea.

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Sure, but your example is a good case-in-point… The link for the Apache setup displays a bright yellow warning that it might not apply to my actual release, and it’s only part of the jigsaw, scattered in lots of places, it’s a snippet you have to decide where to put in the config anyway, and there are different approaches…

It is actually one of the sources I used in working out what to do, of course – though finding it and figuring out where to put it in amongst everything else, all took time.

That’s essentially what I’m suggesting – a short summary of the steps for someone completely new to DjangoCMS / Django in general, Python even, but with experience and knowledge of Apache and the like…

I’ll try to link to some relevant sources as well, perhaps.

Once I figured out the steps to take, it’s remarkably straightforward and not a lot different to manually setting up WordPress properly, for example – but it’s early days and the “recipe” for getting it set up is still in flux I think.

No matter, I’ll finish my testing then post a fresh thread with the info :slight_smile: :+1:

HI JLAsssocs,

have you considered publishing your step by step summary on our website ( one finished? We’re happy about every user generated content (see our community hero program) that helps other users. What do you think? I would assist with editing and publishing the article/tutorial.


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