Configuring djangocms-text-ckeditor to handle images

I’ve worked with django extensively for a while, and am trying out django-cms for the first time. I went through the getting started tutorial from the docs, and was able to get a working project running, create pages, etc. The only thing I don’t get is how to configure ckeditor to upload images. Coming out of the tutorial, I see the ckeditor toolbar, but there’s no icon for dealing with images. I can drag and drop an image into the text editor, but the server doesn’t appear to handle the image at all, and if I click ‘create’, the page saves only the text, but not the image. Additionally, there’s no UI accommodations in the editor to change the size/alignment of the image.

I’m totally new to this CMS, so I might be missing something obvious. How do y’all add images to a page? Is there something I need to add to the tutorial’s setup to handle images and other media?


general info: I’m working in a fresh virtual env, running django 3.2, django-cms 3.11, and everything else installed today from pip as directed in the tutorial. Tested and had the same results in chrome/firefox/safari on my mac.