Client Portal Example

Does anyone have an example of a customer portal made with Django CMS.

Features need to be as follow:

  • Account set up by admin - password could be reset by users
  • Estimates, Invoices … docs could easily be uploaded by admin and viewed by users.
  • We could also upload different types of documents…

Many Thanks,

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Hi, django CMS is a CMS package for the django web application framework. You typically use django CMS if you want to add “page builder” functionality to your project, so your website editors have full control over content and landing pages.

customer portals are usually custom web applications, they don’t require a page builder for their core functionality and therefore can be built in django. Have a look at - django comes with its own admin interface out of the box, user management included. It’s a top 3 web application framework, globally, so generally a very good and safe choice.

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OK, I was beginning to wonder where the hell the user management side of things was gone !
So , in fact, django CMS just makes the content management easier, everything else is done with django.

Time to upskill on django then.

Thanks / Colm

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I’m new to both D’CMS and Django, but I think there might be some projects out there already developed using Django which you might want to look at – it’s a while since you posted, so maybe you’ve found solutions or are working on something? would be interesting to hear about it!


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