Can I edit/delete records from an integrated app in djangocms?

Hi all,

I have recently incorporated a very simple PageMessages app plugin (it exists as an app and a plugin to embed its instances in my pages) in my DjangoCMS. It works fine, basically the user enters a name, a comment and saves it for the Page the user is at. Pretty straightforward. What I would like to do is to create somehow a reviewing space inside de admin part, where I could list the messages per page, and have the change to delete rows.

Is there any reference on how to develope in the admin part of DjangoCMS?

Thanks for any help and regards.


Hi Carlos,

probably I don’t really understand what you want. If you add an app to a django CMS project, with or without app hook, with models as plug-ins or not, they will show up in the admin section like in any Django project, if you register the models for the admin.


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